Wall Street Journal Latest Newspaper to Publicize Georgian Businesses

New York's Wall Street Journal recently published an article entitled 'A Destination Neighborhood in the Georgian Capital of Tbilisi'

The article, published on the US-based website, focuses on the hip Vera neighborhood in Tbilisi that has, in recent years, become home to some of the city’s most prestigious spots for socializing and nightlife. 

One of the places mentioned in the article is the Chaos concept clothes shop in Rooms hotel. "This hip hang-out, which backs onto the garden at Rooms hotel, boasts a skate ramp, an exhibition space and fashion from some of Tbilisi's top designers", the articles reads. 

Having hosted important events such as Tbilisi fashion week and a range of different concerts and go-to social events, it is no wonder that places such as Rooms in Tbilisi are starting to attract well-deserved international recognition. 

Both The Washingtonian and London's Calvert Journal have published articles on Georgia within the past month.

Read the full article here 

Source: wsj.com

Photo: Rooms hotel Tbilisi

By Tamzin Whitewood



28 August 2017 14:09