Georgian Media Reports that Fire has Reignited in Borjomi

Georgian TV reports that smoke has been detected near one of the areas close to Daba village in Borjomi. 

Following the information from Georgian media, fire has once again broken out in Daba, with fighters and rescue brigades already on site. The road to the area is closed.

The Emergency Situations Management Agency has not confirmed the information. They say this is not a fire but dust from the burnt trees that is blown into the air by strong wind.

"Soil processing is underway throughout the whole perimeter and this may cause some dust and smoke," the agency stated.

However, the media have reported that this was a new pocket of fire, which has already been localized by firefighters.

It has been reported that rescue services from Armenia and Azerbaijan helping the country eliminate the fire have already left.

Approximately 300 workers from Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs remain at in area, together with the Ministry of Defence and National Forest Agency.

By Nino Gugunishvili 

28 August 2017 13:47