Almond Growers Association Aims for Global Recognition of Georgia’s Potential

The demand for almonds is increasing by the year, worldwide. This leads foreign investors to look for new locations to set up almond orchards. Georgia has an extraordinary opportunity to become a hot point for almond production: the climate and the soil of eastern Georgia provides excellent conditions to commercially grow almonds.

In frameworks of the USAID REAP project, Agro Solutions conducted a study on the potential for an almond market in Georgia. According to the research, Georgia has an opportunity to become one of the leading countries in almond production.

The study identified that since 2015, around 10 hectares of almond orchards has grown 900 hectares and this figure continues to increase, resulting in Georgia coming under the radars of foreign investors, who are already conducting their own studies on risk factors and opportunities for almond production in Georgia.

Several regions of eastern Georgia have been identified as having excellent climate and soil conditions to grow particular commercial varieties of almonds. Taking into consideration this potential, Agro Solutions founded the Georgian Almond Growers Association (GAGA) with the aim to support Georgia to become a leading almond production country in the world.

GAGA aims to create a platform which will involve farmers who already own almond orchards in Georgia and at the same time will facilitate farmers who desire to become involved in almond production. Consultations will be guided by both Georgian and foreign experts who will share their expertise on modern technologies for setting up almond orchards and production. GAGA, with the support of international partners, will also assist Georgian almond growers to identify and establish business relations with foreign markets and will attend various meetings, conferences, seminars and exhibitions outside of Georgia. All these activities will be aimed at increasing the competence of Georgian farmers and specialists in almond production. GAGA hopes to pin Georgia on the world almond production map.

Davit Gurieli

24 August 2017 21:04