20-Litre Petrol Canister Allegedly Found in Borjomi Forest - Updated

Update 24.08.2017 - The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) have launched an investigation over the canister full of petrol, found in Borjomi forest near the fire. 

The MIA have also released a statement regarding recently found bottle debris near the fire, that allegedly has the smell of petrol.

"All the details will be taken into consideration in connection with the fire in the Borjomi Gorge," the ministry stated.

The information about the found bottle was released by Davit Katsarava, the President of the rafting federation on Thursday. He says the bottle has the smell of petrol.


Local activist Aka Sinjikashvili has reported that a canister full of petrol has been found in Borjomi forest, where a fire has now been underway since August 20.

“We have discovered a 20-litre canister full of petrol in the forest. The Patrol Police have been informed. Representatives of the Interior Ministry also attended the scene. An investigation has now been launched. Further reports suggest that another person has also found two canisters in the forest,” he wrote on Facebook.

Members of the Holy Synod visited the special headquarters at Borjomi Gorge. A special service was held at the church in Daba.

Members of the church took food and clothes into Borjomi for the people working to help distinguish the fire.

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili said that the blaze has been reduced, but strong pockets of fire remain on the Tsagveri and Timotesubani ridges.

“Aviation resources have been mobilized in order to reduce the fire before nightfall. However, there is a strong wind and we will have to work hard to localize the fire,” he stressed.

The PM added that a dedicated fundraising charity may well be established to restore the fire-hit territory in Borjomi. 

“When the fire is fully extinguished, we will start working to restore the unique forest. We may establish a dedicated foundation involving different professional bodies. We will strive to restore the beautiful scenery that the area is famous for” he added.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection reports that the quality of air in the disaster zone was checked and all its components are in compliance with the permissible norms.

By Thea Morrison


24 August 2017 11:16