PASHA Bank Releases Statement on Borjomi Forest

PASHA Bank, which this year dedicated its CSR project to rehabilitating Borjomi forest, working with and Tissue Paper, has said it will continue the rehabilitation process of the burned Borjomi forest together with other companies. "We hope that the restoration will be done more effectively through joint efforts," PASHA Bank representatives said.

In December, 2016, PASHA Bank planted 2017 Georgian Pine Trees on the Daba territory and later on funded the planting of an additional 500 trees as part of the agadgine campaign. Most of those plants were destroyed by the fire.

Anyone can participate in the rehabilitation of the forest via web-page

"Companies can also join the process by simply donating waste paper for recycling. Tissue Paper will collect waste paper from the volunteer companies and will recycle it. GEL 0,15 will be transferred to the account of agadgine for each collected kilogram of paper. The accumulated funds will be applied to planting trees and taking care of them over the next 5 years," PASHA Bank said.

By Katie Ruth Davies

23 August 2017 12:50
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