80% of Donated Trees Lost in Daba Fire

Salome Kukava, from the social campaign which aims at restoring Borjomi forest and which was initiated in April by the Business Information Agency (BIA) and Treepex Startup, says that 80% of the trees planted in the framework of the campaign were burned in the Borjomi fire. 

“The planting season ended on May 20 and we were planning to continue planting in September,” she told GEORGIA TODAY. “32,300 trees had been planted, but after the fire, unfortunately, only approximately 2000 are left”. 

The only area to survive the blaze, where companies planted trees within the social campaign, is a space which is rather flat.

“ will be replanting trees as soon as a study of the area is done, considering the recommendations from the Ministry of Environment Protection and other institutions,” Kukava told us. “We’ll keep to all the responsibilities taken on with our campaign and of course we’ll be planting trees to replace those 30,000 that were lost in the fire”.


By Nino Gugunishvili

22 August 2017 22:39