275 Georgians Die in Road Accidents This Year

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) six-month statistics for 2017 show that there were 3,331 road accidents in Georgia that left 4,696 people injured and 275 dead.

The most traffic accidents were observed in May-July 2017. In July alone, 537 road accidents occurred, 778 people were injured and 42 died.

In January, 499 road accident cases were reported, resulting in 58 deaths and 735 people injured.

In February, 406 traffic accidents occurred, 26 people died and 542 people were injured.

427 road accidents occurred in March. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 26 people died and 579 people were injured.

A slight increase is reported in April and, according to the official statistics, 455 road accidents occurred in which 44 people were killed and 643 citizens received various injuries.

As for May, 434 people died as a result of 504 traffic accidents and 734 citizens suffered serious injuries.

Nearly the same data was recorded in June, with 503 road accidents, which resulted in the deaths of 36 and injured 368.

Due to the increased number of road accidents, the Government of Georgia has tightened road regulations, according to which stricter sanctions have been introduced for drink-driving, speeding, driving without a seat belt and other violations.

Moreover, from July 1, a new 100-point driving system came into effect, which means that drivers are given 100 points each year, monitored on their license.

Points will be deducted each time a driver commits a traffic violation. If drivers lose all the points, their license will be annulled and they must retake the exam.

The 100-point system also applies to foreigners driving in Georgia.

Moreover, from 2018, the MIA plans to introduce mandatory technical testing of all vehicles in Georgia.

It is believed that all these steps will reduce the high number of road accidents in the country.

Thea Morrison

21 August 2017 17:43