Another Market Fire Destroys 40 Shops in Tbilisi

Following on from two large-scale fires at markets in the Didube District, Tbilisi, this year, a fire has now destroyed around 40 shops of construction materials and car parts in Isani district market.

The fire started on Saturday morning and 21 brigades and more than 100 firefighters fought to put it out. As in the previous burnings, the shops and goods of the traders were not insured.

The exact cause of the fire is still unknown.

Some traders affected by the fire in Isani market lay the responsibility on the management of the market, while some shopkeepers suspect the fire initially broke out in a bakery and later spread to the shops.

“Compensation should be paid to us by City Hall and the administration of the market,” one of the shopkeepers said.

Beka Makharadze, Director General of TransService, the company that owns Isani Market, stated that this was not the first case of fire there, adding a similar incident occurred two years ago.

“All entrepreneurs were warned after the 2015 incident that they had to insure their goods,” he added.

The police have launched an investigation into the case to reveal the cause of the fire.

The exact amount of damage caused by fire has yet to be calculated.

Thea Morrison

21 August 2017 17:34