Fire in the Village of Daba, Borjomi

Fire fighters have been unable to extinguish a fire which has already blazed for seven hours. The fire, which started in the Tsagveri forest, has destroyed 1 hectare of land near the village of Daba in Borjomi. Around 100 fire fighters were trying to localize the fire, with border police helicopters on site; and are set to resume the fire extinguishing operation at 6 AM tomorrow. 

Georgian TV media reports that heavy equipment is to be moved to the village of Kvibisi, as soon as the blocked road- which is over 150 metres long- is cleared, enabling direct access to the ocation of the fire. 

Following TV reports, conditions in the area are making it difficult to extinguish the fire. Locals say this is due to the wind, which made the fire spread quickly.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has started an investigation, relating to article 187, on the damage of property.

Updates to follow.

By Nino Gugunishvili 

20 August 2017 22:52