BIAFF 2017 Announces Competition for Bloggers

The Batumi International Film Festival has announced a competition for web bloggers. The main subject of the competition is the coverage of the Film Festival itself.

The festival will be held in Batumi from September 17-24. Those who wish to participate in the competition must complete the registration form here 

The requirements for participation in the competition include:

- The contestant must have an active blog and some experience of blogging in general

- Registration - Bloggers participating in the competition should be in Batumi during the festival and attend the event themselves.

- Include the link to the film festival site on their blog 

- Publish a blog post before the Film Festival

- Share the latest news on social networks regarding the Film Festival

 What does the competition offer to the participants?

- Accreditation, which will allow attendance to any screening at the festival

- Bloggers will be able to attend all press conferences and master classes at the festival

- Bloggers will be able to attend the opening and closing ceremony of the Film Festival (also the closing party) which is limited and by invite only

Blog Competition prizes

- BIAFF prize - 3 bloggers, with the most captivating and interesting coverage of the festival. The film festival will cover accommodation and living expenses in Batumi as the exclusive blogger of the Batumi Film Festival and cover all transportation costs. They will be invited to the opening and closing ceremony of the Film Festival and the banquet.

- BIAFF Prize - Attendance at Istanbul International Film Festival - BIAFF will finance the attendance at the Istanbul Film Festival for the winners within the following fields: First place - Accreditation, Air Ticket + Accommodation (5 nights); Second place - accreditation, ticket (one way) + accommodation; Third place - accreditation, accommodation. Accommodation will be in an apartment - all three bloggers are required to visit within the same period. As a precondition to the prizes, the bloggers are asked to attend the final conference at Istanbul Film Festival, 2 months before the festival starts.

Other prizes (after negotiations with various companies) will be added at the end of August.

contact information

Zviad Elizyan (Manager of the Festival) - Email:, mob: 599-482181



15 August 2017 13:06