Black Lake, New Tourist Destination in Mountainous Adjara

Black Lake is the new tourist destination to be added to the sightseeing spots in Mountainous Adjara from next year. Buried in green, this lake is located on the Green Lake circle route of the Goderdzi Mountain Pass. The Agency for Tourist Product Development of Adjara plans to mark and add the Black Lake to the list of touristic destinations next year.

Black Lake is located 11.5 km from Goderdzi Mountain Pass, 1900 m above sea level. It is surrounded by alpine forest and plants that usually grow in wetland areas.

“The place is difficult to reach due to the lack of a car route,” said Tinatin Zoidze, Director of the Tourist Product Development Agency of Adjara stated. “As it’s located in the forest, it makes a perfect place for picnics and camping, interesting particularly for fans of adventure tours”.

She added that the Black Lake will be examined together with the Environment Protection Department and only then will it be marked.

The participants of a two-day info tour to the Green Lake visited Khulo, Danisparauli, Goderdzi resort and Bishumi. They attended the Shuamtoba feast and the laying of the ground for four hotel construction sites at Goderdzi resort.

Nino Gugunishvili

14 August 2017 20:52