Georgia’s PM & Davos Mayor Visit Bioli Recreational Resort in Georgia

Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia, and Tarzisius Caviezel, Mayor of Davos, Switzerland, visited the new recreational resort Bioli, in Kojori, Georgia, last week, for the opening of its new conference hall.

Kvirikashvili thanked Tamaz Mchedlidze; the founder of the new resort, for the development of alternative medicine at Bioli, emphasizing the potential of the place and underlining the support the State is to provide for the development of similar resorts in the country.

“It’s one of the most important directions and offers vast resources and perspectives for development, especially considering the growing number of tourists coming to our country,” the PM said. “We have seen a 30 percent increase this year and I think if Davos can host two million tourists a year, Georgia can easily host 10-15 million visitors per year”.

He went on to highlight that Georgia already passed the six million visitors benchmark. Seven million is said to be the next aim, set to rise again to 10 million visitors in a few years, with 15 million being the number that, according to Kvirikashvili, will be “a defining factor for the economic well-being of our country”.

“The projects the State realizes are vital: Produce in Georgia, the micro grants program, agro-tourism development. All are linked to tourism, to seeing the connection between each tourist coming to Georgia and the well-being of each individual in Georgia.

With more than $14 million investments, Bioli health and recreational resort in the village of Kojori is considered an innovative step for Georgia, playing an integral role in creating an ecologically safe environment in which a healthy lifestyle concept is promoted.

“Switzerland managed to develop its mountainous regions while preserving its authenticity, that’s what we want to learn from Switzerland,” the Prime Minister claimed, thanking the Mayor of Davos and his spouse for their visit.

Georgia’s PM invited Caviezel to Bakuriani next year for the opening of the first hockey arena.

Nino Gugunishvili

14 August 2017 20:50