De Facto Tskhinvali Prohibits Georgian Language Education in Akhalgori Schools

After prohibiting pupils from receiving education in the Georgian language in Gali, occupied Abkhazia, the de facto authorities of another Russian-backed breakaway region- South Ossetia -have also decided to replace the Georgian language with Russian in Georgian at schools in Akhalgori town, which was occupied during Georgia-Russia War 2008.

Georgian media reports that the changes to the education system of Akhalgori schools will take place from September and the studying process will be conducted in Russian, while the Georgian language will be taught as a separate subject.

Governor of Akhalgori Municipality, Nugzar Tinikashvili, says that the restrictions apply to two Georgian kindergartens, too.

“At present there are two Georgian kindergartens in the town, but they will soon be shut down as the occupants have built a new kindergarten, which will become operational from September,” he said.

There are six Georgian schools in Akhalgori, which have 140 Georgian teachers. The majority of Georgian pupils and teachers do not speak Russian.

The locals believe that after the changes, the Georgian teachers will be dismissed. They say the occupants want to make the local Georgians leave the town.

Georgia’s Minister of Reconciliation and Civil Equality, Ketevan Tsikhelashvili, says that the action of the de facto authorities is another step within the policy of Russification.

The minister stated that receiving education in one’s native language is a fundamental human right.

“This is discrimination against Georgian nationals who live in the occupied area. This is totally unacceptable for the Georgian government and the international community”, Tsikhelashvili said.

Tsikhelashvili promised that Tbilisi will use all possible international formats to prevent Akhalgori locals from discrimination and Russification and to ensure the protection of their fundamental human rights.


By Thea Morrison



11 August 2017 01:35