August 2008 War Museum Opens in Ergneti

A few meters from the occupation line, in a basement of a house of local resident Lia Chlachidze, is a museum dedicated to the 2008 war. The museum opened today.

The idea came to Lia Chlachidze, owner of the house which was burned down in August 2008, who founded the museum entirely out of her own expenses; collecting historic photo materials, burned cloths, toys, plates and dishes, bomb shards, all collected from the period of the Russia-Georgia war, given to her by the families living in the village. 

“When we returned back on August 19, 2008, we saw that there were only walls and ashes left out of our house. It was a tragedy, those five days of the war in August, 2008 were the most dramatic in our recent history and I want the museum to illustrate and to show that,” Lia Chlachidze said in a TV comment to Rustavi 2. 

A car shattered with bullet holes still stands in the yard of her house in Ergneti village, as one of the most poignant images of the war. 

The museum opening was attended by Georgian government officials today.

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By Nino Gugunishvili

08 August 2017 18:25