Prometheus Cave, Martvili Canyon, Kazbegi National Park among Top Tourist Destinations in Georgia

Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon have been named among the top touristic destinations in Georgia this year.

According to current statistics for 2017 from the Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia, Prometheus Cave has so far been visited by 81,110 tourists, Martvili Canyon by 74,580 visitors and Kazbegi National Park by 72,102 visitors. The list continues with Sataplia, (55,815 visitors), Okatse Canyon (38,088 visitors) and Tbilisi National Park (30,228 visitors).

The Prometheus Cave Natural Monument located near the city of Tskhaltubo in the Imereti region, offers visitors exceptional views of stalactites, petrified waterfalls, stalagmites and stone curtains. Prometheus Cave has 17 halls which can be explored in guided groups, and a river, which can be explored by boat.

Martvili Canyon, the second most popular site to visit in Georgia, is situated in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region of Georgia. Here, visitors can enjoy a 700- meter looping paved route which guides you over beautiful waterfalls to what is known to have been the “favorite bathing spot’ of the Dadiani (old royal) family. For an additional 10 GEL fee over the 5 GEL entrance, guests can take a self-row boat ride along the river Abasha within the canyon. Martvili Canyon was also recently named among the eight best scuba diving sites in Europe.

Kazbegi National Park, in the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, with a total area of 9.030 hectares, of which only 35% is covered by forest and the rest of alpine pastures, was third on the list of areas most visited by tourists in Georgia.

Nino Gugunishvili

07 August 2017 17:24