'Gorgeous Georgia' - The Guardian Features Article on Svaneti Mountains

British newspaper The Guardian has published an article on Svaneti, entitled 'Gorgeous Georgia: walking in the Svaneti mountains'

The article coincides with new direct flights between the UK and Georgia, specifically Kutaisi, which, as the paper describes, is "a gateway for exploring the Svaneti region, home to the mighty Caucasus mountains".

The article goes on to describe the mountainous region, with specific references to the village of Becho, located north of Mestia, the biggest town in the Svaneti region.

"As the road wound upwards, snowy peaks came into view, surrounded by cloud. Below us a muddy river raged. We emerged from tunnels into blinding sunlight. Our destination was Becho, a gaggle of houses along a thick track, surrounded by green meadows and snowy peaks," the article reads.

The author describes in detail local Svani life, mentioning dishes such as kubdari and drinks such as home-made chacha.

The article is based on a walking tour of the region, describing the trek from the village of Mulakhi back to Mestia, "The hardest decision was choosing the perfect viewpoint for lunch. We sat in bright sunlight surrounded by a kaleidoscopic carpet of flowers. To the right was the grey-white mass of the Ushba glacier, below the sparkling green valley with the ancient watchtowers of Mestia marching across it. It had been a long, sometimes soggy, journey. But absolutely worth it."

This is not the first time The Guardian has published an article on Georgia, the last one was based on a weekend break to Tbilisi, since the initiation of a direct flight between London Gatwick and Tbilisi.

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Source: The Guardian

Tamzin Whitewood

31 July 2017 12:35