Georgian, Israeli PMs Meet in Jerusalem

“Georgia is eager to expand bilateral relations with Israel,” Georgian Prime Minister, Giorgi Kvirikashvili stated at the joint press-conference with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday.

Kvirikashvili noted that the personal ties and relations between the Jews and the Georgian people are truly exemplary, as they have 2600 years of friendship.

“2017 is of special significance, as we celebrate 25th year of establishing diplomatic relations with Israel. But our relations, as it was mentioned, go deeply to centuries, and we are proud of this very special friendship between our peoples,” he added.

Kvirikashvili underlined that Georgia is committed to further strengthening bilateral ties with the State of Israel and he invited Benjamin Netanyahu to Georgia.

“We have achievements practically in all spheres: in agriculture, in high technologies, in security, and, as you mentioned, the threats that our nations face are quite similar. We are very supportive to your people and country in your fight for procuring long-term stability for your people,” Georgian PM stated.

Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Kvirikashvili for his visit and noted that Georgians and Jews have centuries-old friendship and history.

“We are both vibrant countries, eager to seize the future, secure our homelands, and ensure that we march a march of progress, and have natural sympathy between the peoples, both through the human bridge of Georgians who now live in Israel, but also, I would say, common sentiments and sympathies, and deep appreciation for each other’s culture,” he stated.

Netanyahu stressed that ongoing developments in Syria and terrorist threats from the Islamic State could create danger for any nation, for those as well who are not directly involved in the conflict.

“We must work together to defeat the forces of Islamic terror. And we hope to increase our cooperation to this end on security, health, water, and there are of course other ends as well, the ends of making our people safer with a better life,” he added.

After the meeting Georgian Prime Minister honored the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, visiting the Holocaust Museum. He laid a wreath at the Memorial of the Holocaust Victims and recorded his impressions in the guestbook.

“I would like to express my admiration for the resolve of this nation to go through several rings of hell throughout the history of this great nation. It has not only survived but has procured long-term peace and prospects of development of this really great country,” Kvirikashvili stated.

The Georgian PM also visited the Grove of Nations in Jerusalem where he, together with Vice Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze, planted a tree.

 BY Thea Morrison

25 July 2017 00:29