Scenar Clinic, New Medical-Rehabilitation Center Opens in Tbilisi


A new medical-rehabilitation center opened in Tbilisi this month. Scenar Clinic offers patients Scenar therapy treatment, an innovative method which, according to the Head of Operation MD there, Dr. Badri Jalagonia, the new clinic is the first to use in Georgia.

Scenar Therapy as a bio-energy treatment was invented in the 1980s. The device, a self-controlled energo-neuro adaptive regulator, is said to establish a “two-way communication with the human nervous system, encouraging it to redirect its activity towards areas of weakness in the body”. Scenar Therapy as a method has been known in Georgia since 2015, while it is regularly utilized in the UK, US, Russia, Spain, China, Bulgaria, Ukraine and other countries around the world.

The Scenar Clinic in Tbilisi provides Scenar Therapy treatment for children with Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorders. The full course of treatment entails a program of exercise and special massage, paired with syncretic oxygen treatment. The rehabilitation program also involves regular sessions with speech therapists and psychologists.

For adults, Scenar Clinic offers treatment of various neurological and other diseases, as well as post-trauma and post-stroke rehabilitation.

“Scenar Therapy is used for cosmonauts who have been in space for long periods of time where they experience muscle atrophy. The Scenar device helps to reduce pain, having a strongest algorithm for pain relief. It is also used by the military to treat shocking pain,” Dr. Jalagonia tells GEORGIA TODAY.

He goes on to tell us about his first meeting with leading specialists in Scenar Therapy, Josef Semikatov and Vladimir Lopatka, back in the days when Jalagonia studied and then worked in Ekaterinburg, Russia, as an onco-surgeon. The idea of introducing and implementing the Scenar Therapy concept in Georgia came up two years ago, resulting in opening the clinic in Tbilisi alongside founder and owner, Marika Ugrekhelidze.

“We’re aiming to help socially deprived families to get a diagnosis free of charge in our clinic; as we develop, we hope to be able to help many socially vulnerable families,” Tengiz Kuchukhidze, the Director of Scenar Clinic, told us.

“The Scenar device is a self-controlling energo-neuro information regulator which generates neuron-type impulses; these short impulses are bi-polar and changeable, meaning the human organism does not get used to them. Notably, the Scenar device doesn’t damage the tissue when applied. The impulses are sent from the device to skin and from skin to human brain, as the Scenar device discovers the exact zones that need to be cured in the organism and treats them locally, stimulating the organism to treat and cure itself,” Jalagonia explained.

“[Aside from use in the abovementioned directions], Scenar therapy has very good results in treating bone fractures, myalgia and hematomas; it can be applied for the widest spectrum of medication, treatment and rehabilitation purposes,” he added.

“The treatment program we offer is complex, consisting of Meridian diagnostics, therapy, exercise, massage and syncretic oxygen put together, and we’re already seeing amazing results, especially in patients with cerebral paralysis,” Jalagonia says.

“We plan to maximally support families in need, refugees and socially deprived groups. That is why we wanted the prices in our medical-rehabilitation center to be affordable. Helping those in need will always be our priority,” Kuchukhidze told us.

Nino Gugunishvili

20 July 2017 17:39