Noble Partner 2017 to Be Launched in Georgia in Late July

NATO-backed Noble Partner-2017 multinational drills will be launched on July 30 in Georgia with its European and regional partners and troops from 11 countries.

“Strength through Partnership” – is the main message of the multinational exercise Noble Partner, to be held in Georgia for the third time.

Georgia, USA, UK, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Slovenia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine will join forces for the training.

The exercise is aimed to strengthen Georgia’s defense capability, improve interoperability between NATO allies and partner nations at all levels, built multinational, regional, combined and joint partnership capacity, as well as improve logistical and operative planning and execution aspects.  During the training Georgian military will conduct various live fire exercises together with foreign partners. 

Exercise Noble Partner was established in 2015 and it is a bilateral effort focused on enhancing US and Georgian NATO Response Force interoperability in the context of military-to-military relationships.

Exercise Noble Partner will include approximately 600 Georgian and US service members incorporating a full range of equipment, including the US Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle and several wheeled- support vehicles.

Last year's drills involved around 1,300 service members including 650 US, 500 Georgian and 150 UK personnel at the Vaziani training ground.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: AP photo

20 July 2017 10:53