Georgian National Team Wins 3 Medals at International Chemistry Olympiad

From July 6 to July 15, the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad ICHO 2017 was held in Thailand. Up to 80 countries participated in the Olympiad. The Georgian national team has participated in the tournament this year and, for the first time in Georgian history, the team won three medals.

Bronze medals were awarded to: Davit Rijinashvili, Lekso Pichkhadze and Saba Tavdgiridze. The Georgian National Team is composed of four members and each of them is considered to be a winner of the National Olympiad of Georgia. Davit Rijinashvili, Lekso Pichkhadze and Levan Gojiashvili are students at Demirel private college, and Saba Tavdgiridze is from Komarov school. The boys obtained some of the best results in the competition.

"We are incredibly happy with such a result. Especially when two pupils from our school were among the winners. This is a great victory for our country and our school, especially considering that the national team has not had a win before, so we are happy our pupils were successful." said Nino Kavtiashvili, director of the private college.

The Georgian National Team returned to Tbilisi late last night.

Tamzin Whitewood

17 July 2017 11:17