Three Georgians Detained at Occupation Line

So-called border guards have detained three Georgian herdsmen near the Russian occupied region of Georgia, Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) in recent days.

62 year old Abesalom Kokolashvili from the village of Avlevi in Shida Kartli was detained while he was herding his cattle.

Locals say the man has been detained for "illegally crossing of the border” and was allegedly taken to Tskhinvali jail.

The State Security Service (SSS) of Georgia confirms the information. They say the Georgian side is doing their best to free the man.

The European Union Monitoring Mission to Georgia (EUMM) has also been informed about the situation.

Furthermore, two more Georgian herdsmen were abducted near the village of Tsitelubani in the municipality of Gori, at the occupation line on Saturday.

Vasil Bolotaevi and Tengiz Kajirovi were herding their cows when the occupants abducted them.

According to unofficial information, they were taken to the Ossetian controlled territory. However, the local government said the exact location of the detainees is still unknown.

A local of Tsitelubani village, Spartak Natsvaladze, says the border guards crossed the occupation line and detained the two individuals within Georgian-controlled territory.

“They came to our territory and detained the two men. I suppose the occupants took them to Tskhinvali, as they usually do after arresting our citizens,” the man added.

By Thea Morrison


16 July 2017 17:22