Ambassador: Turkey Ensures Transparent and Fair Trials

Zeki Levent Gumrukcu, Turkish Ambassador to Georgia, has said that Turkey ensures transparent and fair trials for every person.

Ambassador Gumrukcu made the comment in response to the question of the extradition of Turkish college manager, Mustafa Emre Cabuk, who was arrested in Georgia on May 24, charged with having links to the organization FETO, registered in the United States and associated with Fethullah Gulen, who is accused of orchestrating a military coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July, 2016. 

The Ambassador noted that neither Mustafa Emre Cabuk, nor other persons should be afraid and there should be no doubts about trials in Turkey.

"It is unreasonable and unacceptable to think that the lives of persons that are brought to justice in Turkey might be in danger. No-one can bring a specific example of torture or inhuman treatment of defendants. No competent international organizations have said anything of the kind,” he added.

As for Cabuk’s extradition, Gumrukcu said the Georgian court was to answer that question, though he said he could not see any obstacle in the extradition of Cabuk to Turkey.

The Ambassador believes that if Cabuk is innocent, he should prove it at court in Turkey.

“The presumption of innocence is a fundamental principle for the Turkish court,” he added.

Tbilisi City Court ruled on May 25 that Cabuk would stay in three-month pre-extradition detention. His lawyer Soso Baratashvili demanded refugee status and political asylum for Mustafa and his family members, but the Ministry of Refugees of Georgia turned down the request, saying their decision is in line with the law and it is not politically motivated.

Last week, Georgian non-governmental organizations criticized the decision of the ministry, claiming “it is obviously an unreasonable, arbitrary and unreasonable expression of political loyalty towards the non-democratic regime of Turkey".

Baratashvili has said he will appeal the decision of the Ministry.

By Thea Morrison


15 July 2017 14:15