Giorgi Mikadze Becomes Visiting Professor of Berklee College of Music

Giorgi Mikadze, a young and exceptionally talented Georgian musician, a rising star of classical music, jazz, pop and contemporary, is well-known in the modern music world, having achieved numerous successes in concerts and contests. He has lived in the US for the last few years and works tirelessly to popularize Georgia through his educational and concert life. He recently announced that he has now become an visiting Professor of the most prestigious music college of the world – Berklee.

Described by world-leading artists and influential critics as a unique and universal musician who “deeply possesses all musical genres and styles and is unafraid to experiment,” Mikadze is on a constant search for creative innovation. Most popular examples are his ‘Voisa’ and ‘Georgian Micro JamZ’.

Mikadze will now teach at the Berklee College of Music, a dream-destination for most young musician students. The university maintains the first position among the top 10 music schools. Annually, over 2000 students from around the world study in the Berklee Summer Program.

Mikadze received this offer privately from Roger H. Brown, President of Berklee College of Music, at the Five-Week Summer performance program, MA. According to the Berklee administration, it is a great honor for them to have Mikadze back, this time with the status of visiting Professor.

He will be in charge of seven different subjects in the directions of Theory in Performance, Music History, Musicianship, and Ensembles and there are already a number of students eager to be in his class.

Remarkably, Giorgi Mikadze is one of the best graduates of Berklee College of Music and President’s bursar. During his studying period, multiple successful projects were made under his musical leadership. In Parallel to the pedagogical activities, Mikadze will also hold several concerts in Boston.


Maka Lomadze

13 July 2017 17:28