Passenger Flows Up in Georgian Airports

According to the six-month statistics of 2017, the number of passengers passing through Georgian airports has increased by 48.61 percent, while the number of air transported goods is up by 40.07 percent according to the data of the Civil Aviation Agency.

1,609.183 passengers were transported by regular and charter flights in Georgian airports for the first six month period of 2017, which is 48.61 percent higher with 526,355 passengers, up on last year when it stood at 1082828 passengers.

The increase in passenger flow is said to be clear in all the airports in Georgia, with Tbilisi International having so far served 1.287,228 passengers, showing a 44.11 percent increase compared to 2016.

Kutaisi International Airport had a 93 percent increase in passenger flow, and Batumi Airport served 133,418 passengers in six months, 43.95 percent higher compared to the previous year.

Mestia Airport has served 3240 passengers in six months, 1746 passengers more than last year. Ambrolauri Airport, which welcomed passengers for the first time in 2017 has so far served 457 passengers.

There were 8768 passenger and goods transportation flights operated in Georgian airports from January to June 2017, (7016 regular and 1,752 charter flights), which is 39% higher compared to the same period of 2016.

Nino Gugunishvili

13 July 2017 17:19