Martvili Canyon Named Among 8 Best Scuba Diving Sites in Europe recently named Martvili Canyon, in the region of Samegrelo, Georgia, as one of the best scuba-diving locations in Europe.

Based on the views of eight underwater photographers, this Megrelian treasure shares the title with sites such as Vis Island (Croatia); the Slovak Opal Mine (Dubnyk, Slovakia); Andenes (Norway); La Rapaduara (Tenerife, Canary Islands); the Verzasca River (Switzerland); St. Michael’s Mount (Cornwall, UK); and Le Chaouen and the Bay of Marseille (France).

“Here, there are caves and canyons so impregnable that not even a satellite can see inside… this place was like an illustration from one of Tolkien’s books, a place where elves dwell. It features clear waterfalls that fall from steep, fern-covered cliffs draped with hanging ivy branches that resemble festive lights. Everything is insanely beautiful,” the article reads.

Photo: Martvili Canyon Scuba Diving by Viktor Lyagushkin


By Nino Gugunishvili


10 July 2017 18:02
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