Bank of Georgia Supports Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards

For its second year of partnership, Bank of Georgia created two special categories within the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards project.

Growth is the main element for the development of any business and for the country’s economic improvement. One of the most important segments which contributes significantly to the development of the Georgian economy is the SME segment. Due to this, Bank of Georgia, within the Welcome to Georgia! Award, is presenting a special category - THE FASTEST GROWING COMPANY OF THE YEAR IN THE SME SEGMENT AWARD– to encourage and motivate companies working in the tourism and hospitality industry, SME segment. The only criteria for participation in this category are that the company’s annual turnover be within 12 million GEL and the companies should be achieving significant success in 2017.

Bank of Georgia also developed a very special category - THE BEST WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR IN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY AWARD. This category was created specially by the Bank of Georgia to encourage and motivate female leaders in business. This nomination is for those women who have dedicated their career to the development of Georgian tourism and the hospitality industry.

To participate in the Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards project, those interested can register from 14 June to 1 September at for the chance to be recognized as the BEST in the tourism industry of Georgia!

10 July 2017 16:49
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