OK! Magazine Georgia Holds Green Party at Tbilisi Gardens

OK! Magazine Georgia held a Green Party in the wooded grounds of the Tbilisi Gardens construction. The event was organized with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia, and Pasha Bank. The event was attended by Georgian government officials and representatives of the business, show-business and media sectors, many of whom dressed in green to show support for the initiative.

As the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection states, it fully supports the partnership of state and private sectors together with the media in advocating and promoting green, eco-friendly projects and will be actively supporting such activities in the future, in order to raise public and business awareness towards the importance of eco-friendly initiatives in creating a healthier living environment.

“We dedicated the evening to the green theme entirely,” said Maia Tsereteli, Executive Director of OK! Magazine Georgia said at the event. “Even the decorations were made with an ecological approach. I would like to thank the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and Pasha Bank for their support; motivating us to continue our work on green, eco-friendly projects, informing more members of the public and raising their interest in eco projects”.

Guests of the green party were gifted saplings by Tbilisi Gardens and got to enjoy a delicious buffet while they enjoyed live music and a short film screening on Georgia’s Protected Areas. The new OK! Magazine App was then introduced, shortly followed by a free raffle for participants seeing a variety of prizes gifted by Black Sea Arena, GEM Fest, Volato, Lopota Resort, Georgian Palace Hotel (Kobuleti), Zaraphkana, Bioli Medical Wellness Resort, Jungle Fever, GAU wine, and others.

06 July 2017 19:12