Visitors Up by 15% in Adjara Tourism-Information Centers

This June 15 percent more visitors visited Adjara tourism-information centers compared to the same period of the last year.

Adjara Tourism and Resorts Department reports that in June 10.808 people benefited from the service centers in the region.

In total, 25.517 visitors visited the centers in January-June 2017, which is 11 persent increase compared to last year.

The majority of visitors in tourist-information centers are Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and Israeli citizens. They are usually interested in tourist attractions of Adjara and especially in mountainous Adjara tourism routes.

The number of visitors has increased in tourist-information centers of mountainous Adjara as well. In comparison with 6 month statistics of the last year, tourists have increased by 86 percent in 2017.

This summer, nine tourism centers serve Adjara. They are located in Batumi and its municipalities, where people can get detailed information about Adjara tourism products, mountainous tours, entertainment tourist attractions or events.

The Adjara Tourism Products Development Agency has opened the 9th center this year in Batumi.

Thea Morrison

Photo source: Visit Batumi facebook

06 July 2017 15:24