New 100-Point Driving System Takes Effect in Georgia

The Government of Georgia has tightened driving regulations and from July 1 a new, 100-point driving system took effect, which means that drivers are given 100 points each year, which is monitored on their license. 

Points will be deducted each time a driver commits a traffic violation. If drivers lose all the points, their license will be annulled and they must retake the exam.

Drivers can check their points on the new mobile application SAGENCY as well as visit the webpage of the Service Agency of Ministry of Internal Affairs at

The number of points for the deprivation for some administrative offences has both increased and reduced depending on the offence:

  • Giving a car to drunk driver - 20 points; if repeated during the year 30 points; 
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances - 30 points
  • Driving a car that has not been not tested - 15 points
  • Not using seatbelts -10 points 
  • Using a mobile phone when driving - 15 points 
  • Not using a helmet when riding a bike or a similar transport - 5 points 
  • Driving a car that has been remade in an unprofessional manner - 15 points 
  • Driving a car with dark glasses against rules - 5 points if repeated 10 points, and for the third time -15 points 
  • Driving a car that caused light damage to a person, to another’s property or infrastructure- 20 points 
  • Using special signals or lights on a car, or loud speaker devices- 15 points; if repeated - 20 points 
  • Not giving way to emergency vehicles, official escorts or similar- 15 points; 
  • Driving an unregistered car - 20 points; 
  • Disobeying traffic patrol police commands- 25 points; 
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 15km an hour- 10 points; 
  • Exceeding the limit to those transporting people - 20 points; 
  • Creating an accident risk due to excessive speed - 25 points; 
  • If speeding caused bodily harm, fatalities or other damage - 40 points; 

The 100-point system also applies to foreigners driving in Georgia. 

By Thea Morrison

03 July 2017 15:10