On the Pekini Street Construction Works

Works are underway to rehabilitate Pekini Street in Tbilisi's Saburtablo district. Together with the underground communication system renewal, sidewalks are to be extended by seventy per cent, and bicycle lines will be added.

"Pekini Street rehabilitation works are to be carried out thoroughly," said Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania, with the coordination between the companies and services involved being "extremely important".

The first stage of the project involves covering the complete underground communications system restoration followed by the reparation of the sidewalks. Currently, Georgian Water and Power company is in charge of renovating the water supply systems in the area, together with experts from the German Company RRT Ingenieurburo Weidt.

Within the Pekini Street rehabilitation project, new EU-standard blocking and regulating switches will be installed and the 400 meter wastewater drainage system will be renovated.


By Nino Gugunishvili

03 July 2017 12:33