Fire Burns Through Part of Eliava Market in Tbilisi

Around 2300 square meters has been burnt down due to an extensive fire that broke out on Sunday evening in the three-story building at Eliava Market, which sells auto parts, tires and paints.

Eliava market, located near Vakhushti Bridge in Didube, is one of the largest markets in Tbilisi, selling a wide range of goods, including construction materials and household appliances.

17 fire engines were trying to extinguish the fire over the course of several hours, while the police had blocked the entrance to prevent fire-affected vendors from entering the building.

One person has been injured by the fire and has been taken to hospital.

The affected vendors allege that the fire was deliberately set up. They were also dissatisfied by the work of the fire brigade, which resulted in a confrontation between the vendors and law enforcers. However, the situation was soon defused.

Didube Governor Irma Zavradashvili arrived at the scene and talked to the vendors. She says the investigation will find out the real reason of the fire. She called on the vendors to keep calm.

“The fire brigade arrived at the scene very soon and in about half an hour the fire had been extinguished, but because of easily inflammable materials, half an hour after the fire broke out again,” the governor stated.

Deputy Mayor, Lasha Abashidze also arrived at the scene. He says the fire has been extinguished.

“At this stage, almost 100 percent of the fire has been localized. The main task now is to ensure security, in order to prevent people from entering there,” he said.

The amount of loss caused by the fire is still unknown, and will be determined by a special commission after the fire is totally extinguished and safety is ensured at the scene.

Thea Morrison

03 July 2017 00:36