Street Inspectors Fine 926 for Polluting Tbilisi since April

Street inspectors from Tbilservice Group a company responsible for waste management in the capital, have fined 926 individuals since April 20, among them 384 foreign citizens, for polluting Tbilisi.

In total, 882 individuals and 44 entities have been fined for littering. The total amount of fines, given to violators amounted to 106.820 Gel.

The main part of the penalty protocols, filled out by the inspectors are based on environmental pollution by domestic waste. Only 15 construction companies have been fined for environmental damage.

Street inspectors appeared on Tbilisi streets in April 2017. For the first two weeks they only informed citizens who violated the law and warned them about the coming sanctions as well suggested they pick up and throw their waste in the bin. After two weeks, they started filling out a littering form and giving the corresponding fine.

For leaving pet excrement in the street, pet owners are fined by 50 GEL. For dropping rubbish up to 2 kg, the fine is 80 GEL, while for dropping more than 2 kg rubbish, the fine is 150 GEL. For throwing up to 2kg trash from a window or balcony the fine is 100 GEL and for throwing more than 2 kg trash, the fine increases up to 500 GEL.

Also, for leaving up to five car wheels in the street the fine is 150 GEL and for more wheels the violators are to pay 500 GEL. Individuals who drop dangerous waste have to pay a 400 GEL fine, while legal entities are charged 1000 GEL for such violations.

Thea Morrison




29 June 2017 11:37