Business Award 2017

Always coming up with new projects and ideas and encouraging people to try new things while helping them to archive their goals, TBC Bank is to hold the annual Business Award 2017. The project, jointly run with the partnership of Geocell, aims to help minor businesses increase their reach and boost their success. The project slogan is #ShareSuccess (#გააზიარე­წარ­მა­ტება), and sees attendees sharing their experiences with others and helping each other in every possible way, giving advice and offering new perspectives.

This year, the focus will be on corporate social responsibility (CSR) as, in modern society, the success of a business which has financial results is reflected in what it does that is useful and interesting for society. Correspondingly, companies’ CSR projects will be displayed in interesting ways and awarded.

The first Business Award was held in 2016 and saw a huge response. Over 1000000 people around Georgia heard about the project, 250,000 browsed the photo galleries, 90,000 watched the videos and approximately 100,000 shared them. Last year, 523 companies were registered, 15 became finalists and seven won in different nominations.

These seven different nominations are:

• Innovative Business of the Year

• Touristic Business of the Year

• Agribusiness of the Year

• Georgian Product of the Year

• Minor Business of the Year

• Business of the Year

• Start-Up of the Year

In every nomination except Start-Up, which is chosen by vote, the winner is chosen by jury members whose identities are kept secret until the final days of the project. The jurors will evaluate each business personally and then the scores will be summed up. Competitors will be assessed on the following criteria:

• The potential of material or non-material profit for society.

• Development of innovative product/ service.

• Positive effect on business and social environment.

• Orientation to growth and development.

• Initiative that raises the aspiration for production.

• Planting new tendencies in society.

Every company in business can participate in the Business Award. Eligible companies need to have been registered before 2016. Eligible Start-Ups, should not have been registered before 2015. For nominations Minor Business of the Year and Start-Up of the Year, the company’s annual circulation should not exceed GEL 50,000. In the nomination of Innovative Business of the Year there is no regulation or limitation about the registration date of the company, or yearly turnover. The following businesses cannot participate in the Business Award: industrial units which have a cross-over into the banking-financial field; consultation, auditing and notary services; gambling and tobacco manufacture and realization.

The Business Award is supported by the EFSE (European Fund for Southern-Eastern Europe) and "Produce in Georgia" (აწარმოე საქართველოში).

22 June 2017 18:54