Georgian Students win Gold and Silver Medals at the GENIUS Olympiad

On June 18, the United States competition entitled 'GENIUS' 2017 came to a close. This year, 65 countries were represented at the Olympics. 

The competition included five different categoriries: Science, VPA (Visual and Performance Arts), Business, Writing and, new to 2017, Robotics. 

Five Georgian participants were selected by the judges to participate in the final of GENIUS 2017. In the final round from 11 through 17 June, the pupils of Demiroli private college led by Lizi Shengelia and young scientists: Giorgi Endeladze and Davut Ozdemir won prize medals. The Lisi project gained special approval by the judges and became the winner of the gold medal, and the ecology project collected a further silver medal for Georgia, won by Mariam Arabidze and Shota Meiparian

The "GENIUS" Olympiad is organized annually by the New York State University. The competitions final stage lasts for more than a week and is held between the United States and Canada, on the banks of Lake Ontario.

The Olympiad has traditionally been a series of different stages, bringing together talented young academics of the world. The project, GENIUS, also offers mentoring to the successful candidates, in subjects such as science, art, creative writing, engineering and design.

The winners and runners up will return to their home countries on June 19.


By Tamzin Whitewood

19 June 2017 15:40