GT Education Inspires Logos Pupils

Georgia Today last week presented its June edition of GT Education to the upper school students of Logos.

The group were introduced to the monthly newspaper and given a competitive reading task with prizes given by the Editor-in-Chief Katie Ruth Davies related to her Young Adult book saga ‘Blood Omen’. The pupils were asked specific questions related to the chosen article, which was presented, as are all stories in the 16-page newspaper, with a glossary and extra information on the topic. The aim of the newspaper is to provide school teachers throughout Georgia with extra monthly classroom language material which can be used not only to boost student engagement with and use of the English language, but to inform and inspire them. Stories are of a social and cultural nature and relate to the latest good causes, reforms and programs. Other articles relate to specific careers. Two activity sheets are provided by the British Council in Georgia and another by Finca Bank which aims to offer small doses of financial awareness-raising to the typical classroom environment.

The teachers in attendance at Logos Tbilisi also got to see how a typical classroom news-analysis activity can work. In this case, the Editor, Ms Davies, introduced the topic via the given ‘Food for Thought’ questions before reading, noting that, alternatively, the questions can be used to open discussion and sum up after reading. The students were invited to contribute their own work to a future issue of the newspaper as a way of encouraging and inspiring use of the English language and highlighting the direction of journalism.

Logos School was founded in 2010 on the initiative of US-educated Giorgi Chavleishvili, who graduated from the Virginia Saint Anne's Belfild High School and Hamilton's Liberal Arts University. Gia Murghulia, Barbara Jimeli-Sulashvili, Ketevan Batsankalashvili and Irina Sharabidze participated in determining the basic principles of the educational program and teaching methodology at the school, supported by the Advisory Board members: Doctor of Psychological Knowledge, Nino Gogichadze; Hamilton University professors Todd Franklin and Barbara Haysel; John Haysel, one of the directors of the financial department of Hamilton University, and Philip Briland, the director of HEOP's New York State Branch.

Logos is a member of several international organizations: NACAC - National Association of College Admission Counselors, College Board and Common Application. The school partners count the American University of Rome, Saint Anne's Belfield School and Princeton Review.

Accepting children from the 7th grade and offering 30-40% of subjects taught in English, the school academic program covers the requirements envisaged by the Georgian National Curriculum and includes SAT and TOEFL tests which enable pupils to continue their studies both in Georgia and in the best universities of Europe and America.

136 students have so far graduated from Logos Georgia, 68 of whom went on to enroll in various prestigious universities throughout the world with scholarships totaling some $3,532.000, while others were enrolled in top Georgian universities (Free University, Caucasus University, Georgian University, Georgian-American University, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Black Sea International University, etc.), having received more than 285,000 GEL as grants.

The success of the school is determined by highly qualified staff and teachers both local and foreign, as well as its Liberal Arts program and modern teaching program.

Dimitri Dolaberidze

08 June 2017 19:41