New International Hospitality Management University to Open in Tbilisi

Vatel, an acclaimed French business school, is set to open an International Hospitality Management University in Tbilisi. Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, together with other invitees, attended a presentation put on by the university.

The Head of Government was keen to acknowledge the importance of the new school and hopes that Georgia will soon have blue-ribbon hospitality managers.

"This is what Georgia needs today, because tourism in Georgia is developing much faster than hospitality professionals are produced. It is of the utmost importance that an internationally acclaimed brand like Vatel is entering into the Georgian market, and soon we will have top-notch international-quality specialists. I am thankful to Block Invest and the Georgian National University for implementing this initiative. Significantly, the school will attract international students, and I am convinced that people from our neighboring states will be inspired to study in Georgia," the Prime Minister said.

According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, this project is in full participation with Study in Georgia, the Georgian Government’s new initiative which seeks to transform Georgia into the region's hub for education. The education sector is a crucial precondition for the fast growth of tourism in Georgia.

"There are 15 internationally branded hotels under construction in Tbilisi alone. One can imagine the scope of demand for hospitality professionals involved here! Tourism is developing throughout Georgia, which is why, to attract visitors, we must ensure spectacular service along with our country's mesmerizing landscapes. This day is pivotal in that it assures us that, very soon, Georgia will showcase first-rate hospitality professionals," the Prime Minister concluded.

As part of the Vatel Georgia International University, an Agreement of Cooperation was signed by the Georgian National University, Block Invest, and Vatel Group.

29 May 2017 19:26