Interpol Cancels Search for Yanukovych, Ukraine in a Rage

The authorities of Ukraine became furious after Interpol decided to stop the international search for former President Viktor Yanukovych. The Prosecutor General's Office is to propose to change the legislation in order to catch the ex-head of state.

Thanks to the work of the lawyers of the former president of Ukraine, who destroyed the plans to detain the politician, the General Prosecutor's Office of the country was left in shock and says it fully intends to challenge Interpol's decision.

Head of the Department of Special Investigations, Sergei Gorbatyuk, said that stopping the search for Yanukovych was not due to shortcomings in the investigation or violations committed by the investigative authorities but that "the adoption of such a decision is motivated by the existing shortcomings of the Ukrainian legislation on the choice of a preventive measure in respect of the wanted persons and the status of the suspect," the ministry said.

The Ukrainian authorities learned about the cancellation of the search in late April and Interpol was warned that law enforcers should not disclose this information.

The staff of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine has already come up with a plan to newly open the international search for Yanukovych but to do so, will necessitate amendments to the local legislation.

Viktor Yanukovych is currently living in Russia. He repeatedly said that he was ready to testify at the Kiev Court on charges of treason and even tried to do it on television, but the court session was “foiled by the nationalists”.

Dimitri Dolaberidze

18 May 2017 18:28