Trump Congratulates Georgia on 25th Anniversary of Geo-US Diplomatic Ties

The United States (US) President, Donald Trump has sent a letter to Georgia’s Margvelashvili, congratulating him on the 25th anniversary of Georgia-US diplomatic relations.

The letter of the US President has been released by the Georgian President’s press office.

“In the first quarter of the century of our partnership, the United States and Georgia created a close transatlantic connection. We share common values and always stand against international terrorism and regional instability in order to defend these values,” Trump’s letter reads.

The president said that the United States supports Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders. 

“We also support Georgia's right to define its own future. Georgia's independence and democracy is still inspiring for the world,” he added.

“I and my administration are looking forward to future cooperation with you and the government of Georgia for the development of shared values and the well-being of our countries,” the letter reads.

By Thea Morrison

17 May 2017 11:54