Outlook Vake New Apartment Complex Building in Tbilisi

Ever since its founding in 2014,Outlook Vake has been an active player on the Georgian real estate market, with a number of successful projects already completed throughout the country.

Today, the company is working on the massive and ambitious Outlook Vake project - a brand new apartment complex situated in the center of the city, at 33 Chavchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi, to be completed by December 31 and consisting of two ultra-modern tower buildings. The first (Block A) will have 25 floors, including a four floor underground parking garage and two floor commercial space, while Block B is a 27-floor building similarly outfitted with a four floor parking garage and two floor commercial space.

Block A will have two separate elevators, one panoramic and another regular, produced by well-known Finnish company, Kone.

As we sit in the Outlook Vake’s office talking to Alexandre Dundua, Head of the Outlook Vake team and its sales manager, among the many advantages of the new apartment complex we heard about were the glazed glass doors and windows to be installed in all the apartments, provided by REHAU directly from Germany, and the fact the buildings are to have “ventilated facades,” completely insulated and energo-effective, clad with composite tiles with a wood texture and the color of concrete. “Smart facades are quite a novelty for Georgia, mainly because they are very expensive. The facades of many newly constructed buildings in Tbilisi are often of a very low quality,” Dundua tells us.

Alexandre says that after working intensively on apartment concepts and planning for almost a year, Outlook Vake is now offering 15 different types of apartments to its clients, tailored to the needs, expectations and tastes of any client segment. “There will be a focus on top quality construction materials and technologies,” Dundua affirmed.

Many of the future inhabitants of Outlook Vake complex will receive apartments as a blank slate. At the same time, the company offers to individually work with their clients, offering a team of architects, constructors and designers to those wanting their apartments ready to move into. Apartments are flexibly and carefully planned, from 35 sq. meters upwards, and made to suit anyone “from a student to a large family.”

Outlook Vake will have an adjacent 3500 square meter recreational green zone near the complex, fully rehabilitated and restored by the Outlook Company, giving the apartment holders and the wider public a chance to benefit from an ecologically healthy environment.

One of the major concerns the company wanted to address while bringing to life their concept for the project was the problem of insufficient parking space in the city. “The four-floor underground parking lots in each of the apartment blocks is one of the key differences that makes the Outlook Vake project stand out,” Dundua tells us. “Even with almost 292 apartments available, there will be enough parking space for everyone, with six elevators to ease movement through the blocks”. The Outlook Vake Complex will have two entrances, one from Chavchavadze Avenue, and another from the Vake – Saburtalo direction.

While thinking about the Outlook Vake Complex concept, its central location was one of the key priorities. As the team wanted it to be in the heart of the city, but not on the avenue itself, they chose a calm place in a very close proximity to Chavchavadze Avenue, surrounded by green area.

Another advantage of the Outlook Vake tower complex, their sales manager says, is the panoramic views of the different parts of Tbilisi from every apartment of each of the towers. In addition, the territory infrastructure will be fully developed, bringing all possible amenities to one place, from kindergarten and beauty salon, to a café.

Dundua tells us he believes that the Outlook Vake project will be a source of pride. Outlook Vake is responsible and fully provides all the services themselves, from construction process and construction materials to apartment design.

Outlook Vake’s next project is in Bakuriani - cottages near Mitarbi.

Nino Gugunishvili

15 May 2017 18:00