New Driving License System to Take Effect on July 1

In order to reduce the number of road accidents in Georgia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia will launch a new, 100 point driving license system from July 1.

A contactless patrolling initiative will also take effect on the same day. According to the parliamentary bill, the points system will be attributed to driving licenses issued by Georgia as well as by foreign countries. Each administrative offense in traffic safety will result decrease a drivers points, and if the points are reduced to zero during a calendar year, the license will be terminated, and the driver will be ineligible to take the exam for a new license for two months.

On May 8, the MIA began the Traffic Safety Week, during which the ministry will provide citizens, non-governmental organizations and all interested people with information about the new system and changes to the traffic law.

The ministry says various offences will result in the deprivation of license points:

Drunk driving: 30-40 points

Driving without seatbelt: 5

Using mobile while driving:15

Violation of exploitation rules of vehicles:5-20

Failure to comply with police / regulator's request: 15-35 points

Speeding: 10-20

Violation of safety rules while transporting children: 20 points. 

According to Article 26, Paragraph 6 of the Law of Georgia on Road Traffic, transportation of children up to 12 years is in the front seat of the car is prohibited by motorbike or moped, or by a quadricycle which moves faster than 25 km/h. For children up to three years, transportation is allowed only in a special baby car seat or in the lap of a passenger in the back seat of the car who is 16 years or older. According to the Code of Administrative Offenses of Georgia, violation of child safety rules by means of transport will result in a fine of GEL 40.

Last week, Georgian Dream’s parlementarian, Archil Talakvadze, said that the government is considering ways of encouraging the most law-abiding drivers who do not violate road rules and who maintain their driving license at 100 points per year. The exact details of this initiative are not yet clear, but according to Talakvadze, one of the incentives being considered is discounted or preferential vehicle and life insurance.


Thea Morrison

08 May 2017 13:57