Where to drink - MAY 5 - 8, 2017

Poliphonia’s Wine Event: Transcending Terrior

Address: 23 Amaghleba St., Tbilisi, Georgia

May 5, 8 pm

TEL +995 557 63 71 43


Join us for a unique tasting at Poliphonia restaurant on May 5 where we will compare 8 different regions of Georgia in wine, cuisine, and polyphony.

We will discuss how landscape and history forged these great and diverse cultures in Georgia. Polyphonic songs will be performed by ensemble Did Gori.

8 course pairing menu:

8 wines from various regions of Georgia paired with 8 dishes from those regions and 8 songs from those same regions.

Explore with us the impact of landscape and history and how it contributes to the birth of wine, cuisine, and songs, the underlying connections of a specific region of Georgia.

Wine and Food pairings by the Poliphonia Team.


Zero Compromise

Address: gVino Underground, 15 Tabidze Str.

Poliphonia, 23 Amaghleba Str.

Azarphesha, 2 Ingorokva Str.

TEL +995 599 53 44 84

Zero Compromise is a tasting of natural wines presented by the growers themselves, kicking off at 11 am on May 12 and continuing until 5 pm.

The wine show will be hosted by 3 natural wine venues, gVino Underground, Poliphonia, and Azarphesha, all walking distance from one another.

Small snacks will be served by all three of these unique restaurants.

The event offers the best opportunity for both professionals and the public to get acquainted with the people, traditions, and flavors of Georgian natural wine. The cost is 25 GEL per person and includes a map of how to find the venues, a list of which growers are where, a glass with the Zero Compromise logo, access to all the wines, and small nibbles of food from some of the best kitchens in Tbilisi.

The show will be attended by visiting international wine tradespeople as well as by local Georgians, ex pats and tourists.

04 May 2017 19:02