New Life to Georgian Healthcare: Turkish Acibadem Opens Office in Tbilisi

World class healthcare and treatment offered to patients by Acibadem hospitals in Turkey will now be available in Georgia, it was announced at the opening of the Acibadem Tbilisi office this Wednesday.

The Acibadem Healthcare Group, present in 30 countries, provides patients with the latest treatment methods and services of the highest international standards. With the recent office opening in Tbilisi, patients will have a chance to verify their existing diagnosis and receive all necessary assistance. In addition, Turkish doctors will offer their Georgian counterparts trainings and consultations to share their experience.

The Georgian office is expected to become not only a bridge between Georgia and Acibadem allowing patients to receive services and treatments not readily available in Georgia, but also a platform for both Georgian and Turkish doctors for the development of global medicine.

In 2016, almost 4,500.000 individuals were treated in Acibadem: 30,000 patients arriving from 47 countries worldwide. Hundreds of Georgian patients are treated in Acibadem. Previously, they had to contact the head office in Istanbul. Now, with the Georgian office open, patients will receive all the information and assistance needed, right here in Georgia.

“The Acibadem Healthcare Group is an eco-system with hospitals, mobile health system, laboratory groups, Acibadem project management and state of the art technology,” said Murat Pekmezoglu, MD, CIS Region Investments and Business Development Director of Acibadem Healthcare Group.

“We believe in Georgian doctors and we believe in the Georgian health system; we are here to collaborate with your doctors,” he added.

“The opening of an Acibadem office in Georgia opens various possibilities both for Georgian patients and doctors, with whom we’re going to collaborate very actively,” said Nino Lobjanidze, Acibadem official representative in Georgia. “We’re planning to have joint conferences and seminars, giving Georgian doctors the chance to attend trainings, get acquainted with and deepen their knowledge of modern medical technologies. We also hope that Georgian students will have an opportunity to continue their studies at Acibadem University, a leading medical university in Istanbul. At the same time, our patients will receive the second opinion option, being consulted by the leading specialists from Acibadem hospitals. Our office will also assist patients needing to receive medical treatment and care with leading modern technologies unavailable in Georgia.”

Acibadem’s Tbilisi office is located at 58 Chavchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi.

Phone: 2 15 85 00

Nino Gugunishvili

27 April 2017 18:47