Magic Perfume Baiser Fou – Exclusively at Ici Paris

The cosmetic chain in Georgia Ici Paris has introduced a new fragrance, called Baiser Fou of Cartier.

Cartier initiated the collection of perfumes inspired by kisses in 2011 with Baiser Vole edition. The name means "Stolen Kiss" and the composition is based on the essence of the rare and elegant lily flower.

The new fragrance, Baiser Fou, or "Crazy Kiss," came out in March 2017, aligned with the collection, and focuses on another flower.

Described as a "mischievous and feminine soliflor whose delicious accents evoke the aroma of kisses with lipstick," Baiser Fou is developed by the in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent, who chose orchids as the main ingredient.

Orchids aren’t known for being particularly fragrant or even having the ability to yield a fragrant oil, so all orchid fragrances are a construction. Baiser Fou is exactly that—a fantasy flower.

Like most Cartier fragrances, this one aims at lovers of unique and luxury compositions. It was conceived as a passionate and intense aroma of sweet and powdery orchids, reminiscent of the scent of lipstick.

The bottle is transparent with gold accents. Its gold stopper is adorned with an intense ruby top that features the name of the perfume.

Ici Paris marketing and PR Department Head Khatia Shamugia said at the launch that Cartier has always been a popular brand in Georgia.

“The new fragrance is special. Floral, passionate and distinctive,” she added.

Baiser Fou is available in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml Eau de Parfum sizes.


Thea Morrison

26 April 2017 11:21