Czech Embassy Presents Czech Railway Industry Companies

On April 12, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Georgia organized a presentation of Czech Railway Industry Companies. The aim was to allow the Georgian side to learn practical ways to integrate into the global network, together with Czech companies.

The high technical level of Škoda Electric’s long-standing experience with manufacture, the excellent quality of its technologies, and high employee productivity, have earned it the Certificate of Quality Management Systems (QMS, ISO 9001) and the Certificate of Environmental Management Systems (EMS, ISO 14001). The company was presented by Viktor Vachata, Project Manager.

“This conference was extremely worth the time coming. The information gained was extremely valuable for representatives from Batumi and Tbilisi municipalities. I felt Georgian Railway and Tbilisi Metro participants learned a lot and were able to take back many new ideas and strategies to use and present to their departments and committees,” Vachata told GEORGIA TODAY.

VZU Plzen was then presented by Jan Chvojan, Head of the Dynamic Testing and Force Laboratory.

"This conference addresses many topics that are of interest, with presenters being experienced educators who have practical knowledge and are willing to share their successes with attendees,” Chvojan told us prior to his talk.

Involved in research, development and accredited testing, the key activities of VZU Plzen include:

• Research and testing focused on improving in-service reliability and service life of power engineering devices: vibration diagnostics, noise reducing, material tests, residual service life assessment, etc.;

• Complex solving of the problems related to operational loading, reliability and service life of road and rail vehicles: computer simulations, testing room tests, operational measurements;

• Accredited testing and measurements for a wide range of customers;

• Computing in the field of strength, dynamics, fatigue damage, crashworthiness, aerodynamics and thermomechanics;

• Research and development of thermal spraying for both primary production and renovation including their industrial applications.

GHH-Bonatrans Group provides its clients with complete services in development and delivery of wheelsets and their parts. “There is a high demand for efficient noise reduction in all frequencies on wheelsets for metro systems,” said Pavel Kufa, Senior Sales Manager.

“I have attended a lot of conferences, and I must say that this presentation of Czech Railway Industry Companies is by far one of the most honest and direct I have ever participated in,” Kufa added. “The Georgian side was truly privileged and thankful to Deputy Head of Missions of the Czech Embassy to Georgia, Mr. Jirí Preclík, for creating such an important event. Truly an opportunity to learn, reflect, and be encouraged!”

Dimitri Dolaberidze

17 April 2017 14:10