New York Based Designer Vicente Wolf on Tbilisi Gardens Concept and Design

House Beautiful and Interior Design Magazine named Vicente Wolf one of the ten most influential American designers. Wolf has founded two interior design companies: VW Home by Vicente and Wolf and Vicente Wolf Associates and works on furniture design, and the designing of hotel and private home interiors.

Right now, Wolf is working on the Tbilisi Gardens apartment concept and design. We met him to find out more.

How did your collaboration with Georgia begin?

Everything started four years ago, when I was offered the chance to get involved in the Tbilisi Gardens project. Since then, I’ve become better acquainted with the lifestyle of Tbilisi citizens, aiming to know what I can propose in particular.

What is the concept of your design?

Together with the Tbilisi Gardens project manager, we created the concept Light and Space, combining the idea of a green park and an airy sky-scraper. It was truly difficult to create something like this in a city already overloaded with buildings. In the evening, when you get home feeling tired, it’s important to have a comfortable atmosphere where you can easily forget your everyday problems, where you can relax. Of course, design plays a crucial role here- from the wall colors, floor coverings and kitchen to a comfortable bedroom. We’ve aligned all of it to our concept and created our line: light pastel colors, a refined and sophisticated atmosphere, top quality materials - all of this to be found in the style of Tbilisi Gardens. Every detail here is well-thought out.

In general, there are several waves characterizing the architecture of Tbilisi. Some of the buildings and districts are filled with a distinctly Asian spirit. The second wave is the architecture of a later period which brings the atmosphere of a European city, and then there’s the third wave with mixed chaotic constructions. I think what is lacking is greenery and with Tbilisi Gardens we’ve worked to create such an environment. This will not be a tall building lost among other buildings of different sizes, where you’re unable to breath and there’s no space.

What else distinguishes Tbilisi Gardens from other complexes?

Apart from magnificent views, it has four hectares of green land. Exceptional tree species planted by Italian designers will bring a feeling of tranquility, healthy air, and proximity to nature. The inhabitants of Tbilisi Gardens can simultaneously live in the center of the city, in its chaos, and at the same time breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. Tbilisi Gardens is not just a multi-floor apartment building. The territory is enclosed and the space is safe. There’s a lobby for meetings, while an event hall and a terrace are ideal places for larger gatherings. Tbilisi Gardens will have a swimming pool of Olympic standard and a gym. The project also considers a kindergarten and underground parking.

When is the project due for completion?

The first inhabitants can move in from 2018, and for full finalization of the project we’ll need six years. Tbilisi Gardens is a very special project for me, one which changed my plans radically and linked me forever to Tbilisi. I’m sure this product will bring changes to the locals, too, and encourage them to want to live differently.

03 April 2017 20:23