VESTUS: First Georgian-Made Nanotechnology Product on the Market

Sigma Technologies and Solutions, a company that has been operating in Georgia for several years now bringing new technologies in construction materials to the Georgian market, announced Vestus, the first Georgian nanotechnology product, this week at a presentation held at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi.

Produced in Georgia, Vestus is a thermal, hydro, and anticorrosive product made using a unique formula. Sigma Technologies and Solutions has exclusive rights to export it to neighboring countries and claims that the thermal-isolation surface composed small micro-spheres of glass, ceramics or aluminum, when mixed with stabilizers, allow for stretching and elasticity. “It looks like paint and can be used as the last layer on a surface to serve as a hydro-isolator,” company representatives said.

Vestus is indispensable for the safety of constructing facades or during the installation of pipelines or other aggregates,” they said, adding that Vestus is used in the US to coat spaceships.

Giorgi Tsintsadze, CEO of Sigma Technologies and Solutions told the story of Vestus, a super-thin, thermal-isolation material made under a western franchise. He then went on to give the history of the product, first used by NASA in the 1980s.

According to Tsintsadze, “Vestus can be used for thermal and hydro-isolation of newly constructed buildings. Once the product is applied to a surface, it creates a thermal barrier. Vestus can also be used for gas or oil pipelines and reservoirs, water and heating pipes, railway or auto transport containers and cisterns, and even wine factories.”

With regards to the construction sector, we were told that Vestus can be applied with paint either with a paint brush or roller, and it is effective even at minus 30 degrees Celsius and remains firm up to a temperature of 200 degrees. “The material can be used both on building facades and interiors, increasing the thermal barrier by up to 40%. Another benefit of Vestus is that it can also be easily applied to metal surfaces, guaranteeing them a longevity of up to 15 years,” Tsintsadze said.

He also introduced Vestus micro capsules during the presentation, claiming they are the perfect solution for sound-isolation and prevention of condensation.

We’re extremely proud that Vestus is produced in Georgia. It gives us a chance to expand our country’s exports, create new workplaces, and, importantly, to minimize the costs for our consumers and business partners,” Tsintsadze said.

This is a brilliant and very important initiative. Especially for us in Tbilisi Municipality, energo-effective technologies are crucial,” said Irakli Lekvinadze, Vice-Mayor of Tbilisi, while discussing the Green City project that the Municipality is working on with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Vice-Mayor noted that one of the major challenges the municipality encounters is how to make buildings in the city energo-effective.

We think that popularization of such enterprises, showing customers the many positive effects of such new technologies, is essential,” Lekvinadze said.

The presentation at Rooms Hotel ended with the performance of young jazz musicians Sasha Frid and Nino Katamadze.

Nino Gugunishvili

16 March 2017 17:24