Georgia to Join Red Nose Day Campaign

For the first time this year, Georgia will participate in Red Nose Day, a month long campaign beginning March 24th.

Red Nose Day was thought up in 1985 to end child poverty using entertainment.  The campaign was launched by Comic Relief, a British Charity founded by scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry. They were joined shortly by US, China, Belgium, and other countries around the globe. During the Red Nose Day campaign people buy red noses and help socially deprived children overcome poverty worldwide. Red Nose Day is hugely popular among international celebrities, with Helen Mirren, Anne Hathaway, Adele, and Rowan Atkinson having taken part over years.      

Over the last 25 years more than 1 billion dollars have been raised as part of the Red Nose Day campaign according to Comic Relief Inc, US. The projects and programs all share the same goals of keeping children healthy, safe, and educated.

In Georgia, the Red Nose fundraising campaign will help a seven year old Nika Dvalidze who’s fighting leukemia. One of the organizers of the campaign, Aka Sinjikashvili, announced  it will  also be used to open a place where children can come to receive free food and clothing.

by Nino Gugunishvili

10 March 2017 21:44