In Memory of David Robson

In the early 90s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, an exploration geologist arrived in Georgia with a dream to find “Big Oil”. His name was David Robson. Formally he was Dr. Robson and while in Georgia he picked up the nickname “bossy”, which followed him throughout his life.

David was a strong, vigorous man; a true leader. He had the unique talent of having people follow him, from presidents and high officials to common workers and villagers. This was because his beliefs were so expressive and inspiring that it was actually impossible to ignore them. His favorite quote, “Every day is a happy day,” and his trust in the future would genuinely make anyone happy.

Although there were numerous large companies involved in oil and gas, it is difficult to find a person who has done so much on his own. Numerous companies that David created explored and developed oil and gas fields in former Soviet Union countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia.

Being a real adventurer, he was always on the move. After having discovered a hydrocarbon field in a certain place, instead of staying there for the “development period,” he immediately moved somewhere else in the search of bigger oil. But Georgia was an exception. David loved Georgia deeply. He trusted Georgians and would always have them by his side while working in other countries.

He first came to Georgia in 1992 during the Civil War, when the country was going through hard times. It was under his leadership (C.E.O. of CanArgo and JKX Oil & Gas), that most exploration and development wells were drilled throughout the country. The field developed under his leadership - Ninotsminda -is still producing oil to this day, while his discovery in Manavi will serve as the future exploration of the Georgian oil and gas industry.

Aside from searching for oil and gas, his endeavors included supplying the country with necessary food products at the time of war, providing free gas to local villagers, supporting schools and kindergartens, building monasteries, establishing the first Georgian embassy in London, and training students abroad. He was a living example of how one should be a real businessman, investor, colleague and friend. And Georgia, in its turn, expressed its gratitude by granting him, initially, honorable citizenship of the city of Telavi and later, with Georgian citizenship.

David Robson was an unforgettable man. Friends and colleagues all around the world gathered alongside his family members at the beautiful memorial ceremony held in January, 2017. It feels unusual to be speaking about David in the past tense... And it is oddly strange that even at this painful time, mentioning his name puts a faint smile on one’s face.

His Friends & Colleagues

02 March 2017 18:10