Russian News Agency Says De-facto South Ossetia’s Possible Joining Russia Delayed

Leonid Tibilov, ostensible President of Georgia’s breakaway region South Ossetia, says that the issue on South Ossetia’s possible joining Russia has been delayed until the self-proclaimed republic holds presidential elections in April 2017.

The information was released by the Russian news agency Tass on February 10.

“Last year, we agreed on a scheme that would allow us to make a proposal to the Russian leadership on the accession,” Tibilov said, adding that the process is inner state and it was discussed in detail by a political council.

“We took a decision to reconsider this issue after the 2017 elections. We have time for work with our Russian colleagues, and Moscow knows our ideas," he said.

Moreover, Tibilov stressed that all citizens of South Ossetia seek rapprochement with Moscow.

“Last year, South Ossetia decided to hold a referendum on the possible accession to Russia. However, later the decision was postponed. It was expected that the referendum could be held in 2017, Tass reports.

By Thea Morrison

Photo: Leonid Tibilov


10 February 2017 18:09