‘Georgian Fighting’ Given Upgraded Status of National Importance

On the initiative of the Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection and on the decision of the Georgian government, on January 24, the sport ‘Georgian fight’ was given the status of Monument of National Importance.

‘Georgian fighting’ is an ancient sport that was once widespread in Georgia. The fact that it was practiced even in very early times is proven by a fight scene painted on the wall of Alaverdi Cathedral in Kakheti. The scene features various characters in the act of wrestling, details their clothing, and clearly demonstrates the plasticity of their movements, which without doubt denotes the Georgian traditional fighting art. Such wrestling contests in Georgia usually followed religious festivals.

The National Agency of Cultural Heritage Protection first conferred the status of non-material cultural heritage monument to Georgian fighting in 2014.

Those who initiated the request for this upgraded status consider the Georgian fight as a definer of the Georgian national identity and expression of Georgia’s individuality.

Maka Lomadze

26 January 2017 21:21